Other Initiatives

Apart from the aforementioned mentioned project, Premier DLC have been involved in the following initiatives.

  • Through rigorous recruitment campaign, 80 teaching support associates were hired and then trained across Sindh for SEF.
  • Training of 60 Teachers of the Army Public School System in Gujranwala.
  • A Train the Trainer Program for Teacher Trainers from The Educators School System.
  • Training of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Staff in 11 Districts of Punjab for DSD.
  • Training of 600 Teachers from Government Divisional Public School, Gujranwala.
  • Training of Teachers for KASHF Foundation for its Pilot School Project.
  • Teacher Training for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
  • Capacity Building of Admissions Officers from Concordia Colleges.
  • School Improvement and Management of 5 schools of Punjab Police.
  • 19 schools and 4 colleges of Pakistan Railways with approximately 14,500 student beneficiaries.
  • Lending operational and academic support to 4 schools with 1,520 students for the Abu Dhabi Education Council since 2009.
  • Management of 4 SOS schools under the Educators Brand of the Beaconhouse Group.
Date March 15, 2019
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